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Not Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is
    It’s a place where links are stored to be easily found, like the relationship of a library and its books.
  • How it’s pronounced?
    Like biblioteca (ビブリオテカ, if you understand).
  • Why other shortener?
    Because Google Documents (and other services) sharing links are too long. With this service people can share their books with friends just talking “hey, check this thing I found: ‘biblioteca slash ppap’”.
  • I see I can use ó.ò.tk, what else can I use?
    We have many options: for those that want short links, ò.tk and ó.tk; for those that want to play with the word “biblioteca”, and; and if you’re angry with someone, ò.ó.tk
  • Do you allow spamming or something bad?
    If you found some bad link then please report the page it’s redirecting, not the link. All links posted here are manually moderated so we will try to remove this as fast as we can. Trying to fool the moderation system will make the link be removed. Our system is also automated to handle some unusual situations. Tip: when submitting links try to use slugs, most bots don’t use those.
  • Do you allow commercial usage?
    Please don’t post links containing commercial content because it can be considered it spam. Note that we don’t give any guaranties that links posted here will be still working in the long term and we can remove links posted where for whatever reason.
  • Do you track users?
    Yes, we do, but unlike other shorteners those stats aren’t made public.
  • Does links expire?
    To save server resources sometimes we manually delete links if those don’t get any hits after some time.
  • I have a question which isn’t in this list, how can I contact you?
    Mail ask-me-anything@ó.ò.tk (yes, this is a valid email address, but few email providers, like Gmail, accept it).
  • Do you really love FreeHostia?
    They blocked free domains – which are important to allow multiple aliases to make links easier to remember – and mod_security can’t be configured, but everything else is perfect!